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Free charges in conductors

There’s a great discussion in Griffiths book on electromagnetism (typical book used for junior/senior course for physics majors) about what happens to free charges inside a conductor. He discusses how they will always find their way to the surface, distributing … Continue reading

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SBG with voice round 2

This semester I’m teacher Advanced Electricity and Magnetism to juniors and seniors. I’m once again using a standards-based approach, and, once again, I’m having all assessments involve the students’ voices. I have made three major changes to what I did … Continue reading

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More brute force probability

Last night a tweep of mine posted this: How many ways can I rearrange the letters ABCDEFGH so that no letter is in its original position? What a deceptively simple question!— R. Wright (@r_w_wright) September 01, 2011 I thought about … Continue reading

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