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Taking it up a notch: nail beds

About a month ago, I had an extraordinary experience: It was Bill Nye standing on me while I laid on a nail bed. Lots of fun, for sure, and I pointed out to the audience that it was the one … Continue reading

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Human loop speed

Rhett Allain’s post about a human running around a loop has really got me (and him!) thinking (click through to see the video). I wondered if there was a more sophisticated way to do the calculation for the minimum speed … Continue reading

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Clock hands symmetry

A long time ago, Dan Meyer took to the twitter-sphere with a question: "When do the three clock hands form three 120-degree angles?" Fun problem from Bowen Kerins. — Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) June 30, 2011 Note, it seems that … Continue reading

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Rubik’s cube test development

This week I was inspired by this intriguing post by my friend Ian Beatty. He talks about what it might be like to use a test-driven development process for teaching. Here’s the short version of what I got from that: … Continue reading

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physics talent show

This week will mark what I think is the 10th anniversary of the Hamline University Physics Talent Show. This is held after our Malmstrom Speaker dinner where we host a big name physics researcher who gives a public talk the … Continue reading

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Gyroscopic precession

There have been some interesting things on the interwebs, lately, about rotation, gyroscopes, precession, and helicoptors (all of it brought to my attention, or literally done by, Derek Muller of Veritasium fame). It got me thinking about the modeling I’ve done … Continue reading

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unbalanced 20-sided die?

My son recently bought a 20-sided “spin down” die. Here’s a similar one: It’s really useful in the game “Magic The Gathering” because you use it to keep track of your life points. My other son and I, however, were … Continue reading

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