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Breadth vs depth

This tweet really got me thinking recently: @rjallain @orzelc Sorry if you have already discussed this, but I'm interested in a discussion on what college profs want from HS physics.— Casey Rutherford (@rutherfordcasey) May 15, 2014 In the Global Physics … Continue reading

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Human loop speed

Rhett Allain’s post about a human running around a loop has really got me (and him!) thinking (click through to see the video). I wondered if there was a more sophisticated way to do the calculation for the minimum speed … Continue reading

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Building community with #NaBloCoMo

It seems November means lots of things to lots of people. Writers try to do 50,000 words with #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and bloggers try to do a new post every day with #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month). I … Continue reading

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Teaching article reading

Today my research students and I did a fun activity. We’ve found several papers that are connected to the work we’re doing, and I wanted to sit with my students to pore over them to see where the gaps were … Continue reading

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This week I went to the summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). It was great to see so many friends (some of whom I hadn’t met face to face before) and it was fun to brainstorm … Continue reading

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Online communities

I just received an interesting email from someone I’m working with who’s interested in forming a virtual community of elementary school teachers: Hi Andy, I was really intrigued by some of the things you said about establishing a sense of … Continue reading

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More brute force probability

Last night a tweep of mine posted this: How many ways can I rearrange the letters ABCDEFGH so that no letter is in its original position? What a deceptively simple question!— R. Wright (@r_w_wright) September 01, 2011 I thought about … Continue reading

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Brute force probability

Earlier this week, a twitter bud of mine posted the following (WordPress is supposed to embed the tweet on the next line but it’s not working right now – let me know if you know why and I’ll fix it): … Continue reading

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>Wednesday physics chats

>Tonight my twitter physics buds and I tried an Elluminate chat. Here’s the recording of some of it. It was a lot of fun as we talked about standards in physics courses, a database of (re)assessments, Momentum as King, and more. … Continue reading

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