>Diaries for boys

>The boys and I tried to find a store (online) that sold diaries with locks FOR BOYS. It turns out that’s hard to do! We decided to go buy a journal from a bookstore and we’ll jury-rig (is that how you spell that?) a lock using the tiny padlocks Santa brought them for Jesuschristmas (inside joke, ask me). Of course, any lock we do will be pretty easily breakable so I told them that at least they’ll know if someone broke the lock.

Janet says that having a pre-dated diary is limiting in the number of pages you get so I think we’ll get blank ones. I’m really curious to see if they keep it up. When I asked Buddy (9) what his new year’s resolution was he asked what they were for. We told him they were things people did to improve themselves and he immediately talked about improving his writing. My guess is that comes from school. That’s when we suggested a diary so hopefully he’ll stick with it. Charlie (6), of course, jumped on the band wagon right away.

Update: we found some nice journals/diaries at Barnes and Noble. Both boys are pretty excited about it for the moment.

Update: Cool ways to get your kids started in a diary

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Professor of physics at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN
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