>Cereal with less than 10 g of sugar

>In our continuing efforts to keep the kids healthy, I’ve decided to enforce a hard threshold of less than 10 g of sugar per serving in their cereal. I came to that number mostly arbitrarily but it’s worked out pretty well. Almost every cereal you would think of as a sugar cereal has 10 or more and almost every healthy cereal has less than 10. We get plenty of stares in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. The boys pore over the ingredients list of all the cereals hoping to find one under the threshold. The first time was the most fun when they were happy to find some surprises:

  • Honeycomb is over the limit but Chocolate Honeycomb isn’t
  • Fruity Pebbles is over the limit but Bam Bam Fruity Pebbles isn’t
  • Life is ok
  • Fruit Loops is way over
  • Any raisin cereal is WAY over (that’s weird)

Buddy (9) argues quite often about cereals that have exactly 10:

Why can’t we get ________?! It’s 10, that’s just one more than 9 and you let us get 9! (not 9 factorial, of course) It’s just a tiny bit more!

I respond that there has to be a limit somewhere and that I’m not really all that happy about 9. We’ve had that conversation a number of times.

Update (12/13/2009): General Mills apparently reads my blog They’re going to reduce the sugar in many cereals down to 9 g just so I’ll buy more.  Cool!

About Andy Rundquist

Professor of physics at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN
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