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>SocCourt is my new sport

>First, I just noticed that the title rhymes (plus I got to spell rhymes which is always fun). Ok, so what is SocCourt, you ask. Well, imagine Racquetball rules with a soccer ball. You use any part of your body … Continue reading

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>Books my kids read

> We’re using Google Spreadsheets (and the cool built-in form generator) to keep track of the books we read.

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>iPod fun

> As my winter vacation comes to a close, I realize that I won’t be able to play as much with my new Jesuschristmas gift. There’s some history here: Last year my wife and I decided not to get each … Continue reading

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>Reading for tv

>We’re trying to keep our boys from just watching tv all day here at the end of vacation. We’ve gone to having them bank tv minutes by either reading or playing outside. So far today they’ve cycled through reading for … Continue reading

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>Diaries for boys

>The boys and I tried to find a store (online) that sold diaries with locks FOR BOYS. It turns out that’s hard to do! We decided to go buy a journal from a bookstore and we’ll jury-rig (is that how … Continue reading

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