>Wednesday physics chats

>Tonight my twitter physics buds and I tried an Elluminate chat. Here’s the recording of some of it. It was a lot of fun as we talked about standards in physics courses, a database of (re)assessments, Momentum as King, and more.

We thought we’d try to make it a weekly thing so here’s the details:
8:30PM central time
http://tinyurl.com/RundquistOfficeHours that’s the link you use to get into the elluminate session

We thought we’d use Elluminate instead of a twitter chat because you gain a lot more functionality. Tonight we had eight participants but the system can handle up to 100 (I think) so please think about joining us.

We talked about leveraging some of the functionality and asking people to occasionally give a mini-presentation to set some context. Next week we’ll start that off with a presentation from me on my thoughts on Momentum as King. This will involve talking about both force and energy as accounting tricks, lots of fun.

As just a teaser for how cool these chats can be, at one point tonight I made an offhand remark about how we could all share the first three things we teach in an intro physics course. Wow, with just eight people I think we got ten opinions! It lead to some great conversation.

Thanks to all who joined me tonight. Please comment below about your impressions of tonight when you get a chance.

About Andy Rundquist

Professor of physics at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN
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5 Responses to >Wednesday physics chats

  1. >I'm probably going to write up a longer blog post about this, but it was oh-my-gravitational constant awesome. You could just see the incredible potential of a bunch of people who share a common passion for physics and teaching coming together and doing some amazing things. Most of us work in tiny departments with only 1 or 2 physics colleagues. I instantly felt like I was part of an 8 person science department with global reach (ok, continental reach). Thanks for doing this Andy.

  2. >This was both fun and productive. I promise I've gotten the mess with my microphone straightened out. I'm looking forward to Momentum is King. All bow down.

  3. Rick says:

    >Would you mind if a chemistry guy joined in? My postdoc and lab research is in chemical physics, so I'm probably weird enough to fit in. I have Elluminate and I want to use it to teach dual enrollment courses around my (very large) state and also, to engage high school chem teachers in rural areas. It sounds like your virtual meeting is the kind of thing I want to establish with the rural teachers who might not be as comfortable with chemistry as we all would like. I need some practice with Elluminate though, and this seems like it could be a supportive and enlightening place to do so. You can reach me on Twitter as @TRFletcher. Thanks.

  4. >@RickINTERLOPER! I have reported your brazen attempt to infiltrate our community to the Committee for Physics Purity. You can run, you can hide, but now you've been blacklisted.Take care and have a good day!-SuperFly

  5. Rick says:

    >I'm a much more consistent member of American Physical Society than American Chemical Society. In fact, such waffling was raised as an issue during tenure decisions (believe it or not, it's really that ridiculous.) Thanks for the welcome!

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