Blog or Vlog?

Earlier today I wondered on twitter whether it’s better, in certain cases, to blog or vlog, noting especially that I can talk faster than I can type. So what I did was type a normal blog post (the one prior to this on this blog) and now I’ve done a somewhat different video version of it:

I think the regular blog post is better. It took me longer and I really had to think about what I was saying. Of course, I could have done that with the screencast as well, but my typical style for screencasting is to think about the problem for a little while and then hit record. No second takes, no scripts. You can probably tell 😉

It’s certainly true that I talk faster than I type, and I really appreciate having my pen tablet to let me draw the system. But somehow I think the regular post is going to resonate with readers/viewers better since it has a little of both (typing and video). Pun on purpose there, by the way.


About Andy Rundquist

Professor of physics at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN
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2 Responses to Blog or Vlog?

  1. Bret Benesh says:

    I vote for “blog.” I think that this is because I have the option to skim text, but not video (not that I would ever skim YOUR blog. But, you know, I might skim blogs in general).

    Of course, use a vlog when the topic requires it. But I would generally prefer a blog.

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