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Mythbusters midterm

This semester I’m teaching a First Year Seminar entitled “Hamline Mythbusters.” It’s the second year I’ve done it and I wanted to get some mid-term notes down, using this post to process some of my thoughts about the course and … Continue reading

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Error Propagation

I wanted to jot down some of my experiences with teaching error propagation. Right off the bat I should note that I have been greatly influenced by this document by John Denker in response to questions about this topic on the … Continue reading

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Whistle tuning

I’ve always been amazed at the tunability of whistles, specifically my whistle (with my own lips). I used to stand in front of a mirror and try to see what I was doing with my muscles to be able to … Continue reading

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Keeping the beat

I had some fun doing an experiment on myself today. Way back when I was in grad school I had the pleasure of taking part in the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. One of the guests worked with our band and … Continue reading

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>Shared labs

>Last year I tackled a common problem in our Modern Physics lab: too many students, not enough copies of the equipment for them all to do the famous labs of the early 20th century. My solution was to have them … Continue reading

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