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Online communities

I just received an interesting email from someone I’m working with who’s interested in forming a virtual community of elementary school teachers: Hi Andy, I was really intrigued by some of the things you said about establishing a sense of … Continue reading

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Shooting method for hydrogen

This semester I’m teaching the lab portion of a course called Applied Math. My colleague in the math department teaches the lecture and I have a 1.5 hour lab once a week. One of the cool things about it is … Continue reading

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>Grading with my voice

>A few people have asked me for some more detail about how I use screencasting to grade papers so I thought I’d post this. As a physics professor I don’t grade nearly as many writing assignments as my colleagues in … Continue reading

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>Recording students

> This semester I’m trying two approaches in my teaching that both involve recording students. One has students using screencasting to turn in their homework and the other has students making pencasts of their group work. Screencasting Homework I’ve been … Continue reading

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>Mathematica: import and export calculations

> I often do long calculations in Mathematica. If I’ve got the time, I’ll keep the kernel active and do all the fun plotting, animating, basic playing-around with the results right when I’m thinking about it. However, often I need … Continue reading

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>Clickers vs cards

>I use peer instruction in most of my introductory courses.  When I first started I used colored cards for the students to use when answering multiple choice concept questions but when I had a chance to switch to clickers (personal … Continue reading

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>Jarnal (vs the Gimp) for screencasting

>I’ve been putting more thought and research into better ways to do my screencasts/lecture capture and I’ve stumbled onto Jarnal.  It’s a straight-forward whiteboard editor but it comes with some handy extra features (see below).  For screencasting it’s biggest downside … Continue reading

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