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>I’m now the proud owner of a Pro account.  Here’s one way I use it:

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>Screencasting in Sound and Music

>Next semester I’m teaching PHYS 1140 Physics of Sound and Music which is a course for non-science majors.  I plan to use the same organizational structure that I did in last year’s Modern Physics course.  I’m a little nervous about … Continue reading

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>leaf evidence


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>leaf update

>It appears that one lawn bag holds between 40,000 and 50,000 leaves. The boys have renegotiated for $1/bag from now on. They’re not dumb, those two. here’s the description of the project

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>Leaf math

> The leaves have definitely fallen and I’m going to have my kids do some counting for money. I figure $1 for every 100,000 leaves should do the trick. Of course, it only counts if they get the leaves in … Continue reading

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