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Sound and music planning variations

My last post on my tentative approach to teaching “Physics of Sound and Music” this fall generated a lot of questions for me (thanks to all who are making me question just about everything!). Here I jot down some hare-brained … Continue reading

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Teaching article reading

Today my research students and I did a fun activity. We’ve found several papers that are connected to the work we’re doing, and I wanted to sit with my students to pore over them to see where the gaps were … Continue reading

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Sound and Music SBG

I’m teaching “the physics of sound and music” in the fall, along with the labs. I really want to do that using my Standards-Based Grading with Voice approach, but I recognize that having 40 students really changes the grading calculus. … Continue reading

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Engineering projects to research

Well, it’s that time again. Time to start posting a bunch of things here to capture my thoughts about upcoming courses. This fall I’m teaching two major things: a so-called “First Year Seminar” or “FYSEM” called “Hamline Engineering” (see last … Continue reading

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Dealing with cheating

At the APS Distance Learning conference last weekend there was a session on dealing with cheating. We heard from Dave Pritchard from MIT and Gerd Kortemeyer from Michigan State. Both of them have run courses using online homework (the MSU … Continue reading

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Core physics curriculum

This past weekend I attended the American Physical Society’s Physics Chairs Conference. It was great to meet so many physics edu/administrators. I got a lot of ideas I’m interested in kicking around at my institution, but this post is about … Continue reading

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