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Turntable spriograph modeling

I was inspired this weekend by this video by Robert Howsare: I’ve seen things like this before and I wanted to explore how to model this in Mathematica. It was fun to explore and it really drove home some ideas … Continue reading

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Synchronized Metronomes

Yesterday a tweep of mine posted this Synchronization Of Metronomes – YouTube What the what? How is this possible? #wcydwt? — John Golden (@mathhombre) March 5, 2012 and it got me thinking. First, here’s the youtube he’s refering to: … Continue reading

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Oral Assessment Synthesis

Today was an oral assessment day in my Physical Optics course. I’ve written about these before, but here’s the short version: Students are assigned a random standard (chosen from the ones that are both active and older than two weeks … Continue reading

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