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Computational Data Science early semester thoughts

I’m back in the classroom! At least for a semester anyways. In the dean’s office I teach one class per year and last year was a fully online course, so this is a fun adventure (so far at least). This … Continue reading

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See the process

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at the American Association of Physics Teachers summer conference in a session about accessible technology. I talked about how I make use of student assessment videos, but I tried something new in … Continue reading

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Flipped flip debrief

This semester I taught our optics elective using a similar approach that I used in our non-science-majors physics of sound and music last semester. Here’s a couple of posts about this class. The main approach consisted of: Students are not … Continue reading

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Dealing with cheating

At the APS Distance Learning conference last weekend there was a session on dealing with cheating. We heard from Dave Pritchard from MIT and Gerd Kortemeyer from Michigan State. Both of them have run courses using online homework (the MSU … Continue reading

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Seeing the scratch work of students

I had a great conversation with a fellow small-Minnesota-school-physics-professor today that I wanted to store here so I don’t lose it. He was asking about how my students use screencasts to turn in assessments, and he specifically wondered whether he … Continue reading

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student lab screencasts

At the beginning of this past semester of teaching Physical Optics, I used this blog to help me think about some ideas of how to incorporate labs into my standards-based grading scheme (here’s part 2). Now that the semester is over, … Continue reading

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Labs in SBG part 2

I’ve been thinking about how I can cram my old lab routines and policies into SBG. Here’s what’s involved: Students work in groups of 2-3 one write-up per group groups are formed randomly Everyone does the same lab on the … Continue reading

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