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No official lab

I want to ask your help to brainstorm this concept: Could I teach a non-science-major course that meets the natural science general education requirement at my school without offering an official lab time? Context: currently the easiest way to apply … Continue reading

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One word story

My kids like to play an old campfire game I learned as a kid. You collectively tell a story but you only get one word each. Here’s an impromptu example with my boys: Once a little girl skipped along quietly … Continue reading

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Tell me what to grade

I was grading my first set of quizzes in my Physics of Sound and Music course today, and I realized I could do it better. First some context: This is a standards-based grading course, so that means that each quiz … Continue reading

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Clock hands symmetry

A long time ago, Dan Meyer took to the twitter-sphere with a question: "When do the three clock hands form three 120-degree angles?" Fun problem from Bowen Kerins. — Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) June 30, 2011 Note, it seems that … Continue reading

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