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Arduino internet of things

This summer several colleagues and I had some seed money to brainstorm ways to put more sustainability ideas into our curriculum (physics, chemistry, and math was represented). One of the projects we decided to flesh out is having students develop … Continue reading

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Labs to explore

We decided to do a pedagogical experiment this week in my general physics 2 course.  I wanted to see if I could have the lab be more like the ones in my sound and music course, where students used lab … Continue reading

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Group digital lab books

Last summer I bought a LiveScribe Sky pen for my lab group, with the hope that we’d connect it to a group Evernote account that we’d use as a group lab notebook. Unfortunately, it didn’t work very well. The Evernote … Continue reading

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Help with odd lab equipment

I co-facilitated a physics teacher professional development week here at Hamline a few weeks ago. It was really great talking and working with so many physics teachers! One of the things that came up was the need to help identify … Continue reading

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student lab screencasts

At the beginning of this past semester of teaching Physical Optics, I used this blog to help me think about some ideas of how to incorporate labs into my standards-based grading scheme (here’s part 2). Now that the semester is over, … Continue reading

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Three teaching technologies

Three different technologies have affected either my actual teaching or my thinking about future teaching this past week. Screencasts For the first time since teaching in what others call a “flipped classroom,” I’m teaching a class that I’ve already developed … Continue reading

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Spring semester ideas and questions

I did another Piper Physics Patrol show today, but the best part of the day was the drive home. I brought a student with me, as all physics majors are required to do at least one show with me before … Continue reading

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Mythbusters midterm

This semester I’m teaching a First Year Seminar entitled “Hamline Mythbusters.” It’s the second year I’ve done it and I wanted to get some mid-term notes down, using this post to process some of my thoughts about the course and … Continue reading

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Error Propagation

I wanted to jot down some of my experiences with teaching error propagation. Right off the bat I should note that I have been greatly influenced by this document by John Denker in response to questions about this topic on the … Continue reading

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Whistle tuning

I’ve always been amazed at the tunability of whistles, specifically my whistle (with my own lips). I used to stand in front of a mirror and try to see what I was doing with my muscles to be able to … Continue reading

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