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2 weeks left in my SBG experiment

We’ve got one chapter left, then a couple of review/oral assessment days and then a final. The pace of submitted assessments has really picked up and I’m trying to find the best policy for how fast my turnarounds should be. … Continue reading

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SBG with voice update

In preparation for this week’s Global Physics Department meeting (Wednesdays at 9:30 ET), which will feature a discussion about Standards Based Grading in physics classes, I thought I’d write down some thoughts/reflections/problems I’ve been having about using SBG in my … Continue reading

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Blog or Vlog?

Earlier today I wondered on twitter whether it’s better, in certain cases, to blog or vlog, noting especially that I can talk faster than I can type. So what I did was type a normal blog post (the one prior … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hey everyone, I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress mostly because of the support. I’ve imported all the “I’m not watching TV” posts so this is my new blogging home. Stay tuned for more of my usual mundane, un-useful, boring posts. … Continue reading

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Teaching resonance

I’m closing in on the end of my semester of teaching Theoretical Mechanics (often called Classical Mechanics – essentially an upper-level course for physics majors that revisits mechanics with more math). We’ve got two more chapters to cover and I … Continue reading

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>Shared labs

>Last year I tackled a common problem in our Modern Physics lab: too many students, not enough copies of the equipment for them all to do the famous labs of the early 20th century. My solution was to have them … Continue reading

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