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Doppler Drum Corps

One of my favorite oral exam questions to give students in introductory physics classes is to ask them whether marching bands should worry about tuning because of the Doppler Effect (lots of details below but the short version: if there’s … Continue reading

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What are integers

This morning over the breakfast table my family had a great conversation about integers It started when my youngest, L (5th grade), talked about his math test tomorrow. He said the whole chapter was easy and that he wasn’t worried … Continue reading

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Best bingo board

My son is in the third grade and his math homework is to play games. The other night we played one that really got me thinking. Each player makes a 4×4 board and puts in any even number between 8 … Continue reading

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unbalanced 20-sided die?

My son recently bought a 20-sided “spin down” die. Here’s a similar one: It’s really useful in the game “Magic The Gathering” because you use it to keep track of your life points. My other son and I, however, were … Continue reading

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>leaf update

>It appears that one lawn bag holds between 40,000 and 50,000 leaves. The boys have renegotiated for $1/bag from now on. They’re not dumb, those two. here’s the description of the project

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>Leaf math

> The leaves have definitely fallen and I’m going to have my kids do some counting for money. I figure $1 for every 100,000 leaves should do the trick. Of course, it only counts if they get the leaves in … Continue reading

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>Cereal with less than 10 g of sugar

>In our continuing efforts to keep the kids healthy, I’ve decided to enforce a hard threshold of less than 10 g of sugar per serving in their cereal. I came to that number mostly arbitrarily but it’s worked out pretty … Continue reading

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